Letterforms have many qualities that make them different from others. Using grids,
this project explored how letterforms convey mood, spatial ambiguity, dynamic composition, and pattern. The grid was used in each poster in this series.


As the design evolves, letter parts give way to the space around them or, sometimes, the space gives way to the parts. In either case the form of an object is not more important than the form of the space surrounding it.


My random topic was Astrology, specifically Aquarius. After researching the topic, I created the grid system that I wanted to incorporate in each poster. The first poster contains the Aquarius constellation but the constellation was formed using text. The text is every galaxy, star, and nebulae in the Aquarius constellation. Next, I wanted to highlight three of the most prominent characteristics of an Aquarius person. Finally, I wanted to highlight what the Zodiac is as a whole.


Through this project I gained an improved sense of how altering the lines of the letterform encourages the viewer to imagine its continuation.


Primary tools used: Indesign