Environmental Graphic Installation

This group project was intended to create an environmental graphic installation within the college of design that was engaging and interactive using original artwork from students themselves. Our idea stemmed from our own concerns as entry-level designers, “What path am I going to take as a designer? What are my options? Where do I start?”

We began researching the different areas of graphic design. Then, we documented all of our research on each career path. Next, we created a survey and sent it to all of the students in the program, asking them what their “dream job” within graphic design looks like. We took that data, and began mapping out the best way to take in this information visually. We came up with a flow chart idea that was engaging and interactive. The viewer steps into the doorway and is receiving information from every angle. They are prompted first with the question, “what interests you?” From that, their own personal interests determine the order that each connection is read on the flow chart. We all have uniquely different paths.

Primary tools used: InDesign + Illustrator + Photoshop