Font Poster

Our instruction for this project was to create two posters based off of one researched font.¬†These posters were to work together when placed side-by-side as well as individually. No imagery was allowed to decorate the poster, only type. We also had to include the full alphabet. I chose to design two¬†posters based off the font Bodoni and it’s history.


After collecting research on the font I began making note of the most important characteristics of Bodoni. Then, I sketched many rough layout options to visualize a grid, the hierarchy of information, and the use of negative space. The font struck me as classic and timeless. I wanted to bring that feel into my posters. I decided on a 3 color palette of black, white, and gold on both posters.


Through this project, I learned about the impact of color and emotion, hierarchy, the use of negative space, grid systems, and the importance of readability in design.

Primary tools used: InDesign + Illustrator