Graphic Design Methodology

This was a collage based project where we were randomly assigned a subject matter, and directed to create poster variations of that subject using type and image. My subject was ‘hotels’. I wanted to create a vintage 70’s and 80’s feel with this poster.  I began researching different articles, hotel design, and trends during that time to further gain inspiration.


First, I printed everything on black and white transparencies to design the layout by hand. This gave me an idea of size contrast and space. I wanted to better grasp these things before transferring my ideas to the computer. Next, I brought the layout into Photoshop and began to make color choices. Lastly, I used Illustrator to add text and resize the posters. This project allowed me to better visualize positive and negative space through the use of grid systems, overlapping, and transparencies.


Primary tools used: Indesign + Photoshop + Illustrator