Happy Meal

In 2019 alone, The Marketing Store made over one billion products. A large number of these products are toys created specifically for the McDonald’s Happy Meal program. Along with making the physical toys, the creative team at TMS is also responsible for developing an engaging way to interact with the toy through the McDonald’s App. They also ideate for In-Store plus ups, game pieces, game-boards, and the design of the happy meal box itself.  TMS works with huge motion picture companies like Walt Disney and Pixar.


During my internship, I was able to work on the Happy Meal promotions for two major motion pictures. One of them being Trolls World Tour, and another motion picture that will be released in late 2021!


For these Happy Meal promotions I was in charge of mocking up ideas, creating digital mobile screens, coming up with content, updating and creating the art deck, and making any copy changes. For Trolls, I was able to work on all of the concepts for the Happy Meal toy and box. Our team came up with a creative way to incorporate the box into a fold out spinner and dance floor for the Troll toy. We also created a QR code that children or parents could scan to access a limited time trolls playlist that their Troll toy could dance to.