Interview for Industrial Design

I wanted to learn about narrative in design. Based on a project done with seniors in 2017, I conducted an self initiated project for The College of Design. This video is used for promotional purposes on the College of Design’s website.


I filmed and edited an interview with Montel Caruthers, an Industrial design student here at Iowa State. My goals for this self initiated project were to: 1) learn how to stage, light and shoot an interview, 2) learn how to color grade footage in post, 3) learn how to tell a story over time, and 4) create a cohesive video that helps narrate a story. In this video, Montel tell’s us the story of why he chose industrial design at Iowa State University.


Disclaimer: The motion graphics for Montel’s ORIVS designs (1:57-2:04) were created by a professor in the College of Design to insert into the video.