While abroad, we were instructed to research the needs of a neighborhood in Rome.

The first part of the project was team-oriented. Our team conducted an ethnography study of the neighborhood of Trastevere. We researched the area through personal interviews, photo documentation, business surveys, and maps. We also noted the architecture, transportation, and the socio-economic demographic.


After noting out in-depth findings, we each created individual business proposals. When researching the area, It was apparent that locals wanted a place they could call their own. Trastevere has been claimed by tourists and young study abroad students. It lacks the close-knit community feel that once was.


After defining the business and the experience, I moved on to developing my brand. I chose the name “localita” meaning locality. Localita is a market to table restaurant. All of the ingredients are specific to the area and rotate depending on the season. Everything is made daily to ensure the best produce. Our mission statement is “locally grown and freshly served”. A place where local residents of Trastevere can flourish.


All of the illustrations are made my hand. I illustrated a variety of vegetables that the restaurant would have to offer. The deliverables of the project include a business card, letterhead and envelope, a poster series, a menu, a brochure insert, an invitation, an exterior façade, as well as screens for the website.