Madison Surgical Technical

Madison College reached out to BWBR to inquire about a custom wall graphic for their Surgical Technical space. They were working with an artist at the college who specialized in illustration, but needed assistance on how to layout the wall graphic and include their branding in a visually appealing way. They wanted the design to be vibrant, detailed, and timeless.


To start, I began to grid out the color blocks according to the wall’s measurements. This started with only 3 columns and then expanded to 4 columns as we continued the collaboration process with the client. After color blocking each column with Madison’s brand colors, I then added various textures related to the surgical procedures in an abstracted way throughout the graphic. These are pushed back to be very subtle but provide a bit more depth. Next, I began to incorporate the teams illustrations into the design. This was a bit tedious as the artist sent jpegs of her artwork so it needed to be vectorized in photoshop and illustrator. After vectorizing the imagery and editing it to be smooth, I added various shapes and vector line work of surgical lighting and abstracted heart monitoring to create a cohesive design that interacted with the illustrated artwork.