University of Minnesota MicroBiology Building Lobby Graphic

The University of Minnesota MicroBiology Building wanted to create a custom wall graphic that was tailored to the buildings research, included the Mississippi River, and incorporated their brand colors.


I was able to create a custom 3 story graphic using various layering techniques to create this effect. The first layer consists of rows of square images with cell textures. The next layer includes a contrast layer of black, green, and tan. The next later is a layer overlay of shapes screened on top. The next 3 layers include a green gradient, a blue gradient, and a full color gradient. Finally, the last layer includes a river outline overlay running through the graphic. The graphic reveals itself to you as you get closer to show all of the little details layered underneath. It plays off of the Minnesota landscape on a macro and micro level.  I hope that it anticipates and encourages collaboration amongst scientists within their walls.


I worked with a print vendor in the Minnesota area to also include a metallic print overlay on the shapes to give a little bit more contrast and visual interest with the light fixture. We are currently in the printing process now and hope to have this installed in Late August once construction of the space has concluded.