The 2019 summer interns were tasked with the challenge of rebranding a new Monopoly program for McDonald’s 2020. We were put into two different teams to compete for the best promotion idea. On my team, I was in charge of UI design for the digital mobile phone screens, packaging, ideation, aesthetics, and copy.

Our 2020 Monopoly promotion idea was called “Peel Back to Give Back”. First, we kept the essential Monopoly mechanic of peeling back the game piece. Next, we gave the promotion a twist by adding a charitable element. Charitable donations as instant wins, and donations in $1, $3, $5, $25, and $100 increments. Our promotion has 3 simple steps. 1. Peel 2. Play 3. Give.

Through this promotion we wanted to create a positive brand perception, increase guest counts, increase sales, and drive usage of the McDonald’s global mobile app. With these ideas, our team won best 2020 promotion.