RVEAL Media is a media marketing company based out of Omaha Nebraska. RVEAL partners with companies that are in need of a social media presence. Their strategy is to plan, produce, publish, and promote each client’s brand by creating content for their social media platforms.


My roles included managing new client’s Instagram accounts, creating digital and print graphics, photo editing, daily posts, developing engaging content, established new ways to gain viewers, and communicating with followers daily through social media.


My primary client was a company called Skillwork. Skillwork is a labor staffing company for skilled workers. Before teaming up with RVEAL, Skillwork did not have a social media presence. I created a cohesive brand identity for the company through Instagram and Facebook. Through Facebook promotions and shares, I was able to gain followers and interactions with the page.


Through this 10 month partnership, I gained further knowledge about the industry. I was able to gain experience through interacting with clients and implementing change on a personal level.  I was able to gain technical skills as well by using Photoshop daily to create new graphics and edit photos.